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Place Suisse des Arts | Schweizer Kunstraum | Swiss Art Space
is a contemporary art gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since opening its doors in 2006, it has been home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres.

The gallery covers a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practice, from minimalist works, paintings, drawings and sculpture to large-scale installations, digital art and video work. SAS gallery functions as a Kunsthalle or project space, stimulating observation and discourse. 

SAS gallery is dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing original art to established and emerging collectors.

Within an exhibition floor space of over 400 m2 the gallery shows the works of its artists as well as the works of invited guest artists in group or solo shows. 

The gallery also maintains a complete publishing program to produce exhibition catalogues, monographs, and artist's books. 

All events held at SAS are free and open to the public.


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  2. Yeah, you are right that Swiss Art Space is a modern art gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. Yeah this kind of galleries shows the work of famous artists. Even I never get a chance to visit there but recently I had visited gallery space for rent NYC for my friends art gallery show and it was an amazing experience for me to being a part of that event.

  3. I like your comments on Swiss Artspace. It is now high on my agenda when next I visit Lausanne. As a new comer to the art scene in Switzerland it is always good to know of galleries that actively showcase artists from little known corners of the world. I recently opened a website called Experience Jamaique (www.experiencejamaique.com) to create a space for Jamaican visual artists to be seen in Switzerland.
    Here's wishing Swiss Artspace continued success in its contribtution to strengthening Swiss culture and identity as an art hub.

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